TWGs 2012 - 2020

Health Systems Global supports ten Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) over four-year cycles. The evaluation and selection process every cycle involves application proposal pre-screening, review & scoring, and adjudication & consensus.  As part of this process, there may be groups unable to continue as HSG TWGs, but you can find out more about them and how to participate in their work below.

TWGs 2012 - 2020

Quality in Universal Health Care

The aim of the Quality in Universal Health Care TWG is to create a global community of health consumers, practitioners, policymakers, payers and researchers who share a common interest in promoting quality of health and health care as a key contributor to the goals of universal health care.

Medicines in Health Systems

The goal of the Medicines in Health Systems TWG is to facilitate positive change in medicines availability, access, affordability, quality, and use, by informing and facilitating dialogue among different stakeholders in systems.