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The Health Systems Global (HSG) Europe Regional Network aims to enhance cross-learning throughout the European Region and to share experiences, find collaboration partners, and build capacity in health policy and systems research (HPSR).

The European Region has a strong HPSR community, and there is a wealth of good practices, experiences, and international collaboration. However, HPSR expertise is predominantly concentrated in the high-income countries of the region, there are north–south and west–east divides, and significant disparities between countries in terms of health systems resources, reach, and capacity to absorb evidence.

There is a need for better regional and global cross-learning, sharing experiences, finding collaboration partners, and continuous and sustainable HPSR capacity building. Within this context, HSG’s engagement plan for the European Region is guided by the following objectives:

  • Connect members of HPSR community and assess regional needs
  • Strengthen links between members by creating the Europe Regional Network
  • Increase regional participation in Global Symposia on Health Systems Research and other global events relevant to HPSR
  • Increase awareness of HPSR in Eastern Europe, particularly in post-Soviet countries
  • Support cross-country and cross-regional collaboration.

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Network facilitators

Goran Zangana

Goran Zangana (he/him)

Board Member Representing the European Region and Advocacy Working Group Co-Chair

Natalie Messerli

Natalie Messerli

Network Coordinator

Maia Uchaneishvili

Maia Uchaneishvili

Research Unit Director

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