"Yes together we can do"

Together we can make HSG a more vibrant, resilient and truly global organization.

"Yes together we can do"

By Sudhir Kumar Satpathy, HSG Board Candidate 2016

Health Systems Global (HSG), after achieving commendable success in first few years of its global presence, is now entering in to another critical phase in the context of changing global scenario. It aims to expand its global base with more value addition and to make HSG a vibrant and resilient organization through its Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020. I view HSG through the glass of organization behaviour (OB) and with a systems approach.

Yes, HSG can be truly global: It matters how we do it

At micro-level we have members from almost all WHO regions albeit differing in terms of proportionate share of members, EMRO (2%) being the lowest followed by WPRO(9%) and South-East Asia (11%). Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020) has rightly felt the need to focus on these underrepresented regions and have suggested using online platforms to engage them, through institutional partnerships to engage multiple constituencies, offering time limited free membership campaigns and establishing closure links with leading institutions/entities and introducing new language capabilities in HSG communications. Strategy is no doubt very appropriate. But what is the mechanism to do this and who will do this? Unless the stakeholders especially policy makers, know about the HSG, why they will open HSG website e. They will also consider the value addition HSG is making. In fact the whole behaviour process

In order to make HSG a truly global, we need to have its visible structural and functional presence felt in each region and in each country in the region. In my suggestion, the existing members of HSG should be used proactively as ambassadors. Are the members motivated to be involved in the membership drive/campaign? Have they realized the value addition of HSG for themselves? Do they realize their potential leadership role in the region and finally are they organized as members of HSG. Will they be recognized if they help HSG to make its presence felt? The Board has to work out the mechanism to utilize this potential force. I recall one member commenting that she did not have any role to play other than attending the symposiums. This may not true for all our members. But certainly there is scope for larger organized role for all of us as a proud member of HSG. Think globally and act locally!!! Improving communication channel will facilitate and add value to this process. The think tank in the HSG Board can make it happen.

Can we have a region basis member’s corner to discuss the membership drive and other roles of the members at the HSG Symposium at Vancouver in November?

Meso level strengthening: (TWGs, Learning Center etc)

HSG has, very rightly, established several Thematic Working Groups (TMGs) and Learning Centres.

I suggest one more TWG to work on Health Financing, Health Economics and Financial Accountability. Currently it does not exist.

Besides, there are issues of health manpower, their competency, Integration, inter-sectoral coordination, innovations, Implementation/Translational research etc. which can be merged in to some other related TWGs.

Other strengthening areas are dissemination and accessibility ( reach), language, monitoring of its readership and impact factor.

Macro Level: ( The HSG Board, Global Symposium)

Non- regional Board members should be globally eminent personalities drawn from various disciplines. Board should focus on value addition, work out detailed activity guidelines to implement the strategies under five year plan, and establish a monitoring mechanism for its activities. Partnerships, Collaboration, Fund raising, facilitating research funding, Governance and accountability have added focus in the strategy 2016 – 2020.

My desire is to make HSG’s present felt in each country and each region. I am a candidate for the Board Membership and seek good will from all of you. Together we can make HSG a more vibrant, resilient and truly global organization.

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