Towards a theme for #HSR2016!

On behalf of the HSG Board, thanks to all those who have contributed to the discussions about a theme for the Fourth Global HSR Symposium. 

Towards a theme for #HSR2016!

On behalf of the HSG Board, thanks to all those who have contributed to the discussions about a theme for the Fourth Global HSR Symposium.

Based on these ideas we now invite your final comments on the proposal below. Please think how we can sharpen the ideas and ensure they provide a framework to draw the range of interested and relevant audiences into the debate and reflection needed to provide a platform for action!

We ask for your final thoughts before March 6th

Lucy Gilson and Kabir Sheikh

Proposed Theme: Looking to the future: equipping health systems for a changing world 

This theme offers a framework to: consider the opportunities facing health systems around the world as they look to address future needs and take advantage of new windows for change; share and understand the diverse realities of health systems in every context, the different ways in which they are represented; develop approaches to understanding the multiple ‘real worlds’ embedded in health systems; consider how to take action to preserve public value and the public good in the face of global and national challenges.

Within this theme, each of the four field-building dimensions tackled in every Symposium can be given new twists. We propose the following specific areas of emphasis, for inclusion in the call for abstracts.

Cutting edge research

  • Responding to epidemic outbreaks
  • Health systems and climate change
  • Leveraging action on the social determinants of health through the health system
  • Responding to epidemiological, demographic and societal transitions – NCDs, ageing, and urbanisation
  • Funding and resource allocation strategies to support resilience and realise public value
  • Changing technological opportunities (and also attendant risks)
  • Health systems in conflict
  • Emerging health workforce challenges – mobility, capacity needs and changing relationships with users
  • Rethinking community participation in a time of community heterogeneity and demographic transitions
  • Moral and ethical challenges for health systems
  • Real world decision-making: politics and the political economy of health systems
  • Global political economy issues
  • Health systems culture and change, realities and representations
  • The changing health service mix, and place of the private sector
  • The changing role of state and public institutions

Methodological – science of readiness / prospective health systems science

  • Envisioning the future – health system “models” and modelling
  • Implementation science and action research
  • Participatory and prospective methods
  • New research media and technologies

Learning communities and knowledge translation in a changing policy environment

  • Coping with rapid policy change and changing needs
  • Researcher-policy dialogue and participatory policymaking
  • Role of new media in knowledge translation

Research capacity building

  • Scaling up research capacity
  • The changing dynamics of North-South relationships for capacity building

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