News from the Teaching and Learning HPSR Thematic Working Group: Developments, opportunities and next steps

End-of-summer news and updates

News from the Teaching and Learning HPSR Thematic Working Group: Developments, opportunities and next steps

By Dina Balabanova, David Peters, and Meike Schleiff

The Teaching and Learning Thematic Working Group (TWG) at Health Systems Global (HSG) is happy to share some end-of-summer news and updates. Your input and views on a range of important and exciting ideas and upcoming activities outlined below are welcomed!

Recently, the TWG has been focusing on updating and exploring ways to make our page on the HSG website more interactive. We are also continuing to develop our database of HPSR training opportunities, and look forward to re-launching it soon! Further, a journal article based on our global mapping study conducted in 2014 to identify hotspots where capacity for teaching and learning HPSR has been submitted for publication.

We are also preparing a policy brief based on the mapping study mentioned above and downloadable powerpoint slides that provide an overview of HPSR teaching globally, definitions, gaps, resources and the role of the TWG as a contact point. Finally, we are actively exploring collaborations with other TWGs within HSG, both in terms of developing funding proposals and also around how to maximize the use and reach of some of the tools, such as the database, that we have developed.

In looking towards the future, we are convening a strategy group to help guide the next phases of the TWG work. We are seeking geographical representation as well as enthusiasm and willingness to invest a bit of time. The group will be identifying key areas for further development of the group, contributing towards a funding proposal to support this work, identify ways that the TWG will be involved with the 4th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Vancouver in November 2016, and considering convening an event on teaching and learning HPSR.

Want to get involved?

Contact the Co-chairs, if you are interested in participating in the strategy group

If you are aware of HPSR training opportunities and open access materials, particularly in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe, and China, please send them to: hpsrmapping(at)

Our full Quarterly Bulletin for Summer 2015 can be accessed here.

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