Join us for a twitter chat: #BeAnEv Tips and Tricks: Boosting your chances for EV4GH Vancouver

Emerging Voices candidates in the field of health policy and systems research are all welcome to join us in this chat

Join us for a twitter chat: #BeAnEv Tips and Tricks: Boosting your chances for EV4GH Vancouver

By Erlyn Macarayan, Shakira Choonara, Kristof Decoster, Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas, Sophia Thomas, Ildiko Bokros, Abubakr Kurfi, Radhika Arora

In the lead up to the upcoming deadline for the application to be part of the Emerging Voices for Global Health @ev4gh) program in Vancouver (20 March), we would like to invite you to participate in a twitter chat on “Tips and tricks: Boosting your chances for the EV4GH Vancouver venture”, which will also be supported by Health Systems Global.

The chat will take place on 14 March 2016 (Monday), 1:00 pm GMT.

Emerging Voices candidates in the field of health policy and systems research (& more in general global health) are all welcome to join us in this chat, raise any questions, concerns or even recommendations that you might have on your EV4GH applications. Our panelists will try their best to address any questions you might have about the EV4GH application requirements, which include the CV, motivation letter, abstract and – let’s not forget this year! – the essay.

Do you consider yourself an ‘emerged’ or perhaps even an already ‘fading’ HPSR voice? Feel free to also participate in this chat. It will be a great opportunity for you to give advice to future global health leaders by sharing with us your thoughts too!

Panelists will be Emerging Voices alumni and others who have been involved in the program for years, from the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp, the Institute of Public Health (IPH) in Bangalore (secretariat of EV4GH since 2015), as well as a few members of the current EV governance team. They will be sharing their experiences and their thoughts on these questions and concerns.

For future reference, we will also be creating a Storify of key tweets from the twitter chat to be circulated to the wider HSG community so it will be good for all of you to start raising your voice as early as now! Through this chat, we will also try our best to share our thoughts on how Emerging Voices in global health can also prepare and play a key role in the upcoming Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (#HSR2016) in Vancouver this November. For more info on what the programme is about and experiences of EV Alumni visit our #BeAnEV blog.

As a reminder: The Emerging Voices for Global Health Program

is an initiative that aims at empowering young health researchers from the Global South by providing an intensive skills training and facilitating their participation in a global health conference. EV4GH is held in close association with global health systems research symposia, organised by Health Systems Global. This year’s EV4GH is linked to the Vancouver symposium.

Who can apply?

  • Health researchers and professionals
  • Decision or policy-makers and/or brokers
  • Practitioners
  • Born on or after 01 January 1976

Applicants must also have at least two of the following:

  • A Master’s degree in health or a health related field
  • Be enrolled in a doctorate-level programme in health or a health-related field
  • At least two year work or research experience in public health or development
  • Experience and/or knowledge of working in low and middle income countries (LMICs)


  • Erlyn Rachelle Macarayan, EV2014 @LynMacarayan
  • Shakira Choonara, EV2014 @ChoonaraShakira
  • Kristof Decoster, ITM @kristof.decoste1
  • Ildiko Bokros, ITM @ibokros
  • Abubakr Kurfi, EV2012 @abukurfi
  • Radhika Arora, EV2012 @Radhika_Arora
  • Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas, IPH Bangalore @prashanthns
  • Sophia Thomas, IPH Bangalore @drsophiathomas
  • Elena Vargas, EV2014 (to tweet in Spanish for our Spanish-speaking applicants)** @drelenavargas
  • Jean-Paul Dossou, EV2012 (to tweet in French for our French-speaking applicants)** @jdossou80

How to join in

The chat will take place on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 1:00 pm GMT

Follow along and join in the live discussion using the hashtag #BeAnEv. If you are not able to attend, please feel free to Tweet your comments to @ev4gh using the event hashtag.

An edited summary of the Tweet chat will be published in a Storify post shortly after the session.

For further details about the program, please visit our official website or contact us: EV4GH secretariat, (+91) 8026421929. You can also follow us via twitter @ev4gh or like our facebook page/ev4gh.

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