Is ‘Health Systems Global’ truly “global”?

We can make HSG truly global by ensuring membership from all parts of the world

Is ‘Health Systems Global’ truly “global”?

By Adnan Hyder, HSG Board Candidate 2016

Hearing about a society like ‘Health Systems Global’ (HSG) creates expectations at multiple levels – and much credit is due to past and current decision makers to uphold the responsibility. And yet, it is important to regularly reflect on the “global” in HSG, and how can the society be made more global; in fact, what do we mean by “global” in all its dimensions?

Global membership is frequently stated, actively pursued and yet seldom achieved; and is the actualization of HSG’s goal and much needed. We can make HSG truly global by ensuring membership from all parts of the world – especially those where need is greatest and opportunities for engagement limited. This mean an active supply-side effort where we are doing what it takes to encourage and attract folks from less represented areas and group; creating awareness about our values and benefits to ensure demand; and retaining our members once they join. This also means enhancing our reach, speaking in multiple languages, and using innovative approaches for true dialogue.

Global coverage of HS issues means bringing new ideas and disciplinary perspectives – such as from the environment, transport and development fields – to bear on this key health system interface. I hope that HSG will seek to better understand low-middle income country focused models where the health system interacts with key new or chronic persisting issues – especially where health systems are under threat or instability. Bringing in new partners, fields, approaches, and understandings will only benefit all of us.

Global relevance is about developing a value proposition for HSG that truly reflects the holistic approach of health systems work, the potential for improving welfare with such work, and the ability of all groups to see their benefit in such engagement. Researchers, practitioners, advocates, students, policy makers – all stakeholders should be able to understand the return on their investment of time and effort with HSG – a global appeal will enable not only loyalty but also a commonality of mission.

If selected to the board, I hope to work closely with members to ensure that we secure new commitments, focused energy and innovative mechanisms to enable the “global” in HSG.

Thank you.

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