HSR2020 Phase Two TWG organized sessions live on YouTube

HSR2020 Phase Two TWG organized sessions live on YouTube

Join the HSG TWGs for their HSR2020 organized sessions!

HSR2020 Phase Two TWG organized sessions live on YouTube

Throughout Phase Two of the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2020), the Health Systems Global (HSG) Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) will each have an organized session, and we are pleased to announce that these sessions will be live-streamed via the HSG YouTube channel.

Please refer to the schedule below to watch the live-streamed sessions and make sure to mark your calendars!

CHW TWG: The role of CHWs in fragile and conflict-affected settings
25 November 2020, 1pm GST

E2A TWG: Evidence Attack – Stories on Controversial or Misrepresented Results
9 December 2020, 7pm GST

SHAPES TWG: Promoting change or pie in the sky? Exploring the role of power analysis in HPSR
13 January 2021, 1pm GST

PSIH TWG: Developing a Private Sector research agenda: How research can contribute to meaningful engagement with private sector towards universal health coverage
13 January 2021, 5pm GST

EV4GH TWG: What ‘seeds to plant today’ for a more equitable tomorrow? Complexity-sensitive approaches to address inequity in health
27 January 2021, 5pm GST

Quality TWG: Quality in Universal Health Coverage – Ensuring Sustainability and Transition of Global Health Improvement Efforts
27 January 2021, 5pm GST

Ethics TWG: Everyday ethics and justice considerations for HPSR stakeholders
10 February 2021, 1pm GST

Medicines TWG: Quo vadis? Medicines in Universal Health Coverage
24 February 2021, 5pm GST

T&L TWG: Supporting the next generation of health policy and systems researchers: Lessons learned across four teaching and learning case examples
24 February 2021, 7pm GST

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