HSG Board Election 2016

HSG is seeking to elect eight high energy and committed members to its Board

HSG Board Election 2016

This year HSG is seeking to elect eight high energy and committed members to its Board. Six of the current eleven members have come to end of their four year terms, with two choosing to stand for re-election in 2016.

Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Nominated individuals have to confirm their interest to participate in the election and will be expected to prepare a short statement, which is available on the Election page of the HSG website.

Close to 1,500 current HSG members will be invited to vote for the nominated candidates online. More detailed instructions explaining the nomination and election process are available, including details about how to nominate.

HSG Board Requirements for 2016 election

Based on HSG’s Bylaws election outcomes have to be compliant with the mandates existing in the organizational documents. These mandates for 2016 election include:

  • at least four new or re-elected Board members have to be from LMIC countries;
  • at least three Females have to join the board through election or re-election;
  • and at least one newly elected Board member has to be from WPRO region (based on WHO definition).

Elected individuals have to be existing HSG members. Those currently not members of HSG who are interested in Board nomination are able to join HSG and pursue nomination before the nomination end date of 19th June 2016.

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