Do you have questions to ask prospective Board members?

Health Systems Global 2024 Board Election

Do you have questions to ask prospective Board members?

Are there specific issues that you want prospective Board members participating in Health Systems Global’s (HSG’s) 2024 Board Election to address? As part of the HSG 2024 Board Election, we are inviting all HSG members to submit questions that will be posed to Board Candidates.

The questions could be items for them to consider regarding the enhancement of the Society, or thoughts on your membership experience.

Candidates will be requested to consider member questions in the preparation of their Statements of Interest as part of their nomination confirmation package. These Statements will be posted on the HSG website before online voting begins.

Please submit your questions by emailing, the deadline for submitting questions is 29 April 2024.

We look forward to receiving your questions and make sure to submit your candidate nominations.

One response to “Do you have questions to ask prospective Board members?”

  1. Michael W. Clarke says:

    What are your perspectives on the proposed Pandemic “Agreement” and the proposed Framework Convention on Global Health?

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