Fourth Global Symposium - Theme

What should the theme for HSR2016 be?

Fourth Global Symposium - Theme

As we start business in 2015, it is time to start planning for the next Global Symposium – to be held in Vancouver, November 2016.

Each past Symposium has had a specific theme which has helped to:

  • focus attention
  • guide/direct overall programme development – including abstract selection
  • steer and inform global and national debates, contribute to policy agendas.

So, what should the theme for 2016 be?

The Health Systems Global Board and Secretariat ask you to contribute your ideas for this theme, and propose that such a theme will:

  • build on past themes, or can be linked to past themes but encourages different thinking or perspectives than those profiled in past symposia;
  • have the potential for easy disaggregation into sub-themes;
  • embrace multiple facets of health policy and health systems work i.e. topics/disciplines/field-building dimensions;
  • appeal to multiple audiences including researchers/managers/policy makers/civil society groups;
  • have resonance both at the international level; and
  • provide scope for Canadian flavour, perhaps responding to local issues and local geography.

Please post your ideas and thoughts as comments on this blog by 15 February. Thank you!

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