COVID-19: share your insights and experiences

COVID-19: share your insights and experiences

We would like to hear from you!

COVID-19: share your insights and experiences

Covid-19 is creating challenges for health systems all over the world. Social media is abuzz with views, learning and resources being shared to try and make sense of the pandemic and address the challenges that some countries are experiencing, and that others are anticipating.  

We know that HSG members across the globe have a lot to share regarding the pandemic, including insights and experiences of how health systems are working to address the challenges, and also learning from how health systems have responded to address previous major health challenges. We would like to hear from you!  

At Health Systems Global, we have started to collect the resources we are coming across in relation to Covid-19 and the implications for health policy and systems. We have been adding the resources to a Wakelet collection, and we’d like to ask HSG members to contribute resources to this collection. You can add various types of content, including links, text, YouTube and Flipgrid videos, Tweets, Images and PDF documents. Please add your content through this link: 

Do you have more to say? We’d also welcome ideas for blog posts from HSG members reflecting on their insights and experiences of Covid-19, as well as the learning from past experiences that can be brought in to inform current and future strategies. Please send your ideas via email to the HSG Communications Team along with a suitable image with permissions (e.g. creative commons license).  

We look forward to receiving your contributions, so that we can share evidence and learning to inform approaches to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Image credit: Russ Allison Loar/FlickrCreative Commons license 2.0 

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