Building Capacities to Address Multi-Sectoral Challenges in Health: The Role of Teaching and Learning in HPSR

Building Capacities to Address Multi-Sectoral Challenges in Health: The Role of Teaching and Learning in HPSR

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Building Capacities to Address Multi-Sectoral Challenges in Health: The Role of Teaching and Learning in HPSR

By Teddy, G., Oviedo-Gomez, F. & Abuagla, A., Teaching and Learning Thematic Working Group

Building capacity for Health Systems and Policy Research (HPSR) is a critical step towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3 as wells as responding to the multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional challenges we face during this COVID-19 era. To understand and improve how societies organize themselves in achieving collective health goals, how different actors interact in the policy and implementation processes, and how they contribute to policy outcomes, their skills, roles, power are important. The capacities of these actors and their contribution are dependent on their experiences as well as the teaching and learning institutions ability to impart the right skills, competencies, and experience to these actors.

Health Systems Global’s Thematic Working Group on Teaching and Learning is a network that promotes ways to improve the teaching and learning of HPSR around the world, while emphasising on applications across various contexts and actor’s needs. We provide an interdisciplinary forum for teachers, students, education administrators, instructors, mentors and all those interested in the capacity building, teaching and learning of HPSR to collaborate and share information about the scope of the field, educational approaches, curriculum development, pedagogical techniques, materials, innovations, and other capacity-building issues related to the teaching and learning of HPSR.

Our key activities include hosting webinars, workshops, meetings at global events, providing regional support, and developing and hosting of the HPSR training database. If you have missed our pre-symposium webinars, listen to our recorded discussion on the following topics:

At the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, entitled: “Re-imagining health systems for better health and social justice”, we are engaging in exciting activities and programs and we welcome everyone to participate and learn from the wealth of experienced teachers and facilitators of HPSR across the globe. Some of our activities include:

  • A skill building session to provide a forum to share different experiences, processes, learning and outcomes of interactive teaching and learning approaches and research for HPSR for different postgraduate levels of MPH, MSc and PhD programs as well as capacity building of professionals and leaders in health through various continuous professional development programs. The target audience for this ‘T&L Clinic’ (skills building session) includes academics and those building capacities in HPSR such as researchers, policy makers and implementers; learners and faculty members from across the globe sitting in different faculties and departments engaging in capacity building for HPSR.Join us and our renowned panellists to build your skills on “Building capacities to address multi-sectoral challenges in health: Transforming the roles & experiences of educators & policymakers in HPSR”. Date(s): 8th November 2020; Time: 03:30 pm – 05:30 pm Dubai Time (GMT +4)! Register and participate
  • Our organised session titled “Competencies for Health Policy and Systems Research: Findings From a Global Mapping and Consensus-building Process and Case Examples of Competencies in Practice” will set the scene for the different teaching and learning modalities of health system and policy research, highlighting the main fundamentals and cross-cutting themes in conducting such research at:
    • Third level higher education, i.e. MSc, PhD and Postdoc programs.
    • North-south partnership for research and capacity building.
    • Multi-stakeholder and inter-disciplinary approach between academia, I/NGOs, public institutions and program implementers.

The session will showcase the innovative ways in conducting HPSR research and teaching across four different programs in both stable and fragile (conflict-affected) states between the North-South Hemisphere. We will learn about how each program applied various methods and translated the evidence to further inform policy and practice. It will also demonstrate how working across different disciplines and between relevant stakeholders enhances knowledge uptake and translates research to action, while building national capacities and generating sustainable solutions. Join us on February 24th 2020 at 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm Dubai Time (GMT +4)!

Also, to know more about our programmes and activities for the coming year and be part of the TWG, join our business meetings and register to be a part of our team.

Look out for our programs and continue enjoying something new from our group every time you engage!

Join our news group by sending an e-mail to We regularly post new information regarding capacity building opportunities and useful information about teaching and learning HPSR.

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