Reimagine Health Systems: Future Scenarios for Better Health and Social Justice

Reimagine Health Systems: Future Scenarios for Better Health and Social Justice is Health Systems Global’s initiative to explore the potential for changes and transformations in health, health systems, and wellbeing – with your help.

We are all challenged by change. The earlier we think through the implications of transformative and disruptive changes, the better our options for response – whether by creating change or adapting to it. What can we do today to shape our futures and achieve preferred outcomes for health and wellbeing in our communities?

From November 2020 through to March 2021, Reimagine Health Systems: Future Scenarios for Better Health and Social Justice will be collecting your ideas about transformative changes and the possible futures ahead for health systems where you live and work, and around the world. The initiative has two stages.

Stage One: Changes and their impacts on health systems

From 10-12 November 2020 – phase one of the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2020) – through to 31 January 2021, Stage One of Reimagine Health Systems used a crowdsourcing tool to collect your ideas about what may be the most transformative or disruptive changes affecting health, health systems, and wellbeing, and what the impacts of these changes might be.

Stage Two: Future scenarios

Share your stories of reimagined future health systems

It is time to harness our imaginations and boldly explore what futures might emerge by 2040. What transformational changes could we see in health systems that improve or are detrimental to health, well-being and social justice? What new futures might emerge from the changes and impacts in the health systems that you live and work in? If you participated in HSR2020, what did you discuss and learn that may have implications for health systems in the future?

Health Systems Global invited you to explore the possibilities and share imaginative stories of what you think could happen, based on the current and emerging changes you are experiencing or anticipating.

Imagine it is 2040, and you are listening to your friends and colleagues tell their grandchildren how much the world has changed since 2020 – how communities, health, well-being, and social justice are so different in 2040 than the world of only twenty years before – in improvements AND in new challenges.

What are they saying? What specific changes are they describing in their community, in the provision of health services, the prevention of ill health, in how people achieve and maintain well-being, and in how social justice is exercised and addressed?

Until the end of February 2021, we asked you to share with us your stories of what futures you think might emerge from the changes and challenges confronting health systems.

Your contributions are helping to shape scenarios for future health systems around the world and their implications for health systems policy, practice and research.

Thank you for sharing your perspectives and ideas to #ReimagineHealthSystems with us.