Researching poor governance and corruption: lessons for practice

Researching poor governance and corruption: lessons for practice

In this webinar, the TWG-AAA SDG will explore how poor governance and corruption can be researched, as it is notoriously difficult to understand the frontline realities, especially those of communities, patients and providers.

At this webinar we will discuss the following themes:

  • Different research approaches, indicators, and think through the ethical issues influencing research on governance and corruption.
  • Ethical harm to societies, from not conducting research on corruption.
  • How to share evidence, such that risks can be mitigated for study participants and engage stakeholders (policy makers, practitioners, ethics boards) to promote research uptake and corruption.



Göran Tomson, Professor of International Health Systems Research, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Göran coordinated the preparatory work that led to the establishment of the Alliance HPSR WHO and is currently councilor at KI President Office UN Agenda 2030, with a special focus on governance. He is cofounder and senior advisor SIGHT Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation.

Patty Garcia, Professor of Public Health, Cayetano Heredia University (UPCH), Peru

Patty is the former Minister of Health of Peru as well as the former Dean of the School of Public Health at UPCH and the former Chief of the Peruvian National Institute of Health. She is the first Peruvian to be elected to the US National Academy of Medicine.


Dina Balabanova, Professor in Health Systems and Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom

Dina is co-chair of the HSG Thematic Working Group on Action and Accountability and Anti-Corruption for the SDGs. She is active in conducting research on governance and corruption in health.

  • Dr Eleanor Hutchinson, (LSHTM and TWG AAA)
  • Aloysius Odii, (University of Nigeria and the Accountability in Action project)
  • Caesar Atuire,  HSG Thematic Working on Ethics and Justice



Opening: Moderator/ Dina Balabanova (3 min introduction and welcome)

Research practice on poor governance and corruption: Prof. Göran Tomson). 15 min

Collecting, analysing and using data given the sensitivity of the topics, how to protect the interests of the participants and triangulate data to ensure quality and validity, and then how we use the information to inform policy.

Discussants: Aloysius Odii (University of Nigeria and the Accountability in Action project) (currently researching these issues), Caesar Atuire, member of the HSG Thematic Working Group on Ethics and Justice.

Research into practice and acting on poor governance and corruption: Prof. Patricia Garcia). 15 min

Experience from engaging key stakeholders including ethics boards on research uptake and taking action on corruption. The ethics of not doing research (it can expose some actors to harm but be of benefit to the societies at large)

Discussant: Eleanor Hutchinson from the TWG AAA


Q&A with webinar participants facilitated by the moderator. The speakers and discussants answer questions

Reserve questions:

What are the lessons for conducting ethical research, revealing rent seeking and poor accountability while protecting those in vulnerable positions?

How can we ensure that these inform action on (anti-)corruption and governance in the health sector?