Planning Meeting for Teaching and Learning Clinic Session at Vancouver Symposium

Planning Meeting for Teaching and Learning Clinic Session at Vancouver Symposium

The Teaching and Learning Health Systems Policy and Research Thematic Working Group (TWG) held a webinar to discuss ideas and receive feedback on the proposed skills-building session the group will be hosting at HSR2016 in Vancouver.

The webinar was facilitated by Dr David Peters, one of the co-chairs of the TWG. During the webinar they recapped the objectives of the session and the proposed format of the session. Contributions from the participants were then welcomed on how to strengthen the session and to make it more useful to those who would take part.

More information on the Skills Building Session at HSR2016 that is being planned now

The HSR2016 session will be in the format of a “clinic” to facilitate the development of teaching approaches including curricular competencies, syllabi, educational research approaches, and identify appropriate reading material and teaching tools. Based on a first round of feedback from members of the TWG, the session will include opportunities for individual work sessions in which participants can bring draft teaching materials and ideas and receive expert and peer input. The main portion of the workshop will be spent working one-on-one and in small teams paired with expert mentors by topic area (see below). The group will then come together to discuss and share experiences and ideas. Network- building and idea-sharing will also be a key part of the session. There will be a plenary evaluation and horizon scanning session at the end of the clinic.

The clinic will be organized around a set of sub-groups focusing on specific areas of HPSR teaching and learning. Current sub-groups include:

  • Pedagogy and innovative teaching methodologies for HPSR
  • Program level competencies for HPSR
  • Educational research approaches for HPSR
  • Development of syllabi and course materials
  • A sub-session for Latin American researchers—held in Spanish—to discuss opportunities to strengthen teaching and learning HPSR in Latin America.

Next steps and how to get involved

Based on the feedback and discussion during the session the facilitators will add several more topics to the planned session in Vancouver, including how to write teaching cases for HPSR, power andprivilegein teaching HPSR, evaluation of HPSR teaching impact, and possibly others. They are also following up on possibilities to collaborate with several other TWGs for this session. More ideas are welcomed.

The session is open to all HSG members and other guests interested in teaching and learning HPSR. No prior knowledge of the methods will be required. The group particularly encourage participants at all stages of developing and teaching HPSR trainings of different kinds to bring their questions and experiences to share with the group. Over the next few months the TWG hope to have further dialogue with the TWG members around how to make the session more useful and how to promote it more widely.

The group will be following up with participants of the webinar and many other TWG members, to step up planning for the session, and they welcome input from anyone who is interested in participating about how this session can be as relevant and effective as possible.

If you are interested in taking part in the HSR2016 session – as a participant, mentor, facilitator or rapporteur- and would like to provide further ideas to help guide the planning process, please respond to the group’s short Google form.

Panellists/ moderators

  • Dina Balabanova – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines (LSHTM)
  • David Peters – John Hopkins University (JHU), Bloomberg School of Public Health (Facilitator)
  • Meike Schleiff- John Hopkins University (JHU), Bloomberg School of Public Health

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