Matters of Scale and Integration in Digital Health Ecosystems

Matters of Scale and Integration in Digital Health Ecosystems

Matters of Scale and Integration in Digital Health Ecosystems

A part of the Digital Dialogue Series on Mixed Health Systems

This digital dialogue session will explore some of the emerging lessons for strengthening integrations of digital technologies into health services at scale and sustainability beyond COVID in mixed health systems. The aim of the discussion is to explore the role of government in facilitating a process of digital transformation that supports increasing access to effective and affordable health services by all social groups. This is especially challenging because it will involve new kinds of engagement between government and a variety of private non-state organisations, including small and large digital technology companies. The session will explore two main questions:

  • How should governments balance physical health services with digital enablers. The thinking behind India’s launch of the digital health mission and priority measures governments will need to take to ensure digital health services contribute to progress towards universal health coverage?
  • Emerging lessons from the rapidly increasing role of the private sector in health and the fragmentation of health markets. What are the implications for government’s role in overseeing digital health transformations in mixed health systems?


1.      Dr. Dinesh Arora IAS, Public Health and Policy Expert, Former Director NHM Kerala & Director NITI Aayog (Health) and Former Deputy CEO National Health Authority/Ayushman Bharat, Government of India

2.      Dr. George Gotsadze, Founder and President, Curatio International Foundation, Republic of Georgia


3.      Dr. Birger Forsberg, Associate Professor, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden & Senior Physician, Stockholm County Council


Dr. Gerald Bloom, Institute of Development Studies, UK

Dr. Priya Balasubramaniam, Public Health Foundation of India, Centre for Sustainable Health Innovations Singapore


The Mutual Learning Series on Digital Health Ecosystems consists of a series of  dialogues around inclusivity, integration and accountability and regulation of digital heath in India to understand the extent to which digital tools have increased/improved access to health services for vulnerable and underserved populations. We explore possible measures to address emerging inequalities, challenges digital health companies face, and capacities governments need to integrate digital technologies beyond COVID.