What we do

Health Systems Global (HSG) is an international membership society dedicated to promoting health policy and systems research for the strengthening and development of health systems that improve and protect health and wellbeing.

HSG has a number of membership networks, including Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) and Regional Networks, which are a core component of our identity as a member-driven organization. TWGs and Regional Networks are multi-disciplinary groups providing a platform for membership interaction and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

To bring together members and the full range of players involved in HPSR, HSG organizes a Global Symposium on Health Systems Research every two years to:

  • Convene and connect members through thematic and regional networks;
  • Facilitate and support our members to share their ideas and learning;
  • Lead campaigns that promote the interests and values of HSG members;
  • Promote and support capacity building for the conduct and use of HPSR;
  • Provide members with opportunities and benefits;
  • Host a biennial Global Symposium on Health Systems Research; and
  • Build a strong and sustainable global membership society.