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Our vision & strategy

Globally connected health systems research and policy communities contribute to the attainment of better health, equity and well-being.


Support health systems to attain better health, equity and wellbeing by strengthening the health policy and systems research, policy and practice communities.


Connect and engage researchers, policymakers, health care managers, educators, civil society,
the media, and donors from around the world to advance the fi eld of health systems research, and create opportunities for unleashing their collective capacity for generating, sharing, and applying knowledge necessary for health systems strengthening.


  • HSG fosters equity, diversity and inclusiveness in its membership, governance, and activities;
  • HSG is driven by engagement and participation of its diverse membership;
  • HSG seeks to be innovative and catalytic, constantly experimenting and learning from its actions;
  • HSG leads through partnership, working with other international, regional, and national groupings to ensure the relevance of its work to key communities;
  • HSG values accountability and operates transparently with the highest professional standards.


The Health Systems Global’s Strategic Plan (2022-2026) aligns with the mission and values of our Society and aims to position HSG at the forefront of HPSR within the ever-changing landscape of global health.  The development process was inclusive, participatory, and consultative with broad engagement across HSG membership, partners, and other relevant constituencies.

The Strategic Plan is intended to highlight the following priorities that will guide the society’s decision-making during the period:

  • Promote the field of HPSR, strengthening intersectoral and interdisciplinary approaches and collaborations
  • Reinforce and sustain HSG’s role in facilitating the production and dissemination of HPSR, bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners.
  • Advocate for HPSR and its role in health systems strengthening at the regional and global levels.
  • Promote and contribute to systemic HPSR capacity strengthening across and beyond HSG’s membership base.
  • Ensure effective governance mechanisms and diverse and sustainable funding for HSG.

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