2022 Marks 10 Years of HSG

The year 2022 marks the 10th year anniversary of Health Systems Global. Over the last decade, the Society has grown tremendously. The timeline below highlights some of HSG’s most important milestones and shows the Society’s tremendous growth. International membership, the backbone of HSG, grew to thousands from only a handful. Member-based networks, programs and initiatives also multiplied and are now all over the world in respond to the Society’s needs and priority areas. Overall, HSG has become a powerful engine that continues to make an impact and fuel the field of health systems research, policy and knowledge translation globally.


We invite you to watch three of the Society’s earliest members as they reflect on HSG’s 10-year journey: Dr. Kumanan Rasanathan; Daniela C. Rodríguez DrPH, MPH; and Professor Sally Theobald.

Watch as Dr. Kumanan Rasanathan, Executive Director, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research and HSG member since 2012, reflects on what HSG means to him and the Society’s growth.

Daniela C. Rodríguez, Associate Scientist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shares her experience with HGS over the past 10 years.

Professor Sally Theobald at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine speaks about HSG’s trajectory and her involvement with the Society.

10 Year Timeline