Vision & Mission

Strategic Plan 2013-2015

The following is a summary of Health Systems Global’s first strategic plan, approved by the Board in September 2013.


The Health Systems Global strategic plan is intended to identify priorities to guide decision-making, provide the basis for determining resource requirements and serve as the basis for planning specific activities to achieve strategic goals. The strategic plan is expected to guide Health Systems Global from mid-2013 through the end of 2015.

Strategic Objectives:

Build health systems research communities that encompass policy-makers, researchers, NGOs and funders

Rationale: The development of the field of health systems research has been undermined by fragmentation within the community, both among researchers who often come from different disciplinary perspectives, and between researchers and users of research. As a society that embraces all of these groups, Health Systems Global will seek to build stronger linkages across them.

Advance the field of health systems research through further development of health systems research methods, and of the skills and competencies of Health Systems Global members

Rationale: Health systems research is a relatively young field and, drawing as it does upon multiple disciplines and methods, there is a need to develop the field through improved conceptual frameworks, taxonomies, methods, measures, and criteria for evaluating the strength of evidence. Health Systems Global will also help to build skills across those active in the field through a variety of strategies to support capacity development for individuals.

Mobilize and support relevant communities to engage in and advocate for health systems research

Rationale: The very nature of the issues that are the focus of health systems research demands broad participation in the inception, development and dissemination of research. Health Systems Global embraces the need for pluralistic, people-centred approaches to promoting the use of evidence in policies and programs. This engagement is critical not only in enhancing the use of evidence but also in increasing public recognition of the value of investing in health systems research.

Ensure that Health Systems Global is strong and sustainable

Rationale: As a new society there is much that Health Systems Global needs to do to build its own organizational and governance structures and capacities so that it can continue its work in a sustainable fashion.

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