Social Science Approaches for Research and Engagement in Health Policy & Systems (SHAPES)
TWG election 2017

The Social Science Approaches for Research and Engagement in Health Policy & Systems (SHAPES) Thematic Working Group (TWG) looking for two dynamic Co-Chairs and a Coordinator.

SHAPES is the largest thematic working group within Health Systems Global (HSG) and provides wonderful opportunities to its members to meet, discuss and promote the contribution of social sciences to health policy and systems research (HPSR). We invite you to nominate yourself or other HSG members for these positions, so that you can play a leading role within this active and collaborative group of researchers.

The Co-Chairs are expected to mobilise the SHAPES members, coordinate the subgroups and to liaise with the HSG Board. These positions suit junior as well as senior social science researchers or any researcher with a keen interest in promoting social sciences in the field of HPSR. SHAPES is and will remain a joint effort and the new chairs will enjoy support from the current leadership.

The Coordinator provides administrative support for communications and facilitation of activities and will be supported by the HSG secretariat.

The deadline for nominations is now extended to 10 April and voting will be possible between 28 April and 8 May. We will announce the new leadership on 26 May

Individuals running for a TWG leadership position must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • All TWG leadership positions must be HSG members and preferably should be representatives of different WHO regions to assure diversity
  • Professional interest and good standing in the subject matter focus of the TWG
  • Commitment to serve a full two-year term
  • Willingness to spend/donate the time required
  • Support from employers to play the leadership role
  • English language fluency
  • Spoken and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of other organizations involved in the topic
  • Co-chairs:
    • Chair TWG meeting
    • Assure diversity and engagement across TWG membership
    • Lead the development of an annual work plan
    • Lead the planning and implementation of TWG activities
    • Monitor the implementation of TWG activities
    • Serve as the primary point of contact with the HSG Secretariat
    • Serve as the public face of the TWG to external audiences
    • Identify funding needs and in close cooperation with the Secretariat develop strategies for fundraising
    • Participate in quarterly check-in with the HSG Secretariat
    • Submit annual reports to the Secretariat
    • Assure the TWG page on the HSG website is updated
    • Develop and implement an internal communications strategy for TWG members
    • Look for opportunities for cross TWG collaboration
  • Coordinator:
    • Organize calls/meetings (identifies convenient dates/times for the calls/meetings)
    • Take minutes at TWG meetings (for TWG's virtual business meetings and quarterly calls with HSG Secretariat) and distribute to HSG and TWG members
    • Maintain an updated mailing list of TWG
    • Oversee implementation of internal communications strategy
    • Implement process for selecting TWG leadership

To be eligible for a leadership position, you must be a paid HSG member (however, to vote in the election, you do not have to be a paid HSG member: all SHAPES members can vote). To run, candidates must submit:

  • A brief bio, maximum 100 words, which will be used on the HSG website if elected
  • Your current CV and photo
  • A one-page statement on why you would like this position and if elected what you would focus on.

The deadline to express interest in running and to provide these supporting documents is 10 April 2017. If you are interested in running or nominating someone as co-chair or coordinator, please email HSG Coordinator Nanuka Jalaghonia ( all required documents. You can also contact her if you would like more information.

We will circulate the candidates' statements on 12 April 2017 and voting opens on 18 April 2017.

You can now see the profiles of the new SHAPES TWG Co-Chairs and Coordinator, and view their bios and statements.
Congratulations to the successful candidates!

View the Candidate profiles

Key Dates Calendar event
25 February 2017 TWG election is announced and candidate nominations invited
10 April 2017 The last date for candidate nominations
12 April 2017 The names of confirmed nominated candidates are published
28 April 2017 Online voting starts / eligible voters are invited to vote
8 May 2017 Online voting closes
22 May 2017 The committee reviews the election outcomes and verifies the vote count
26 May 2017 The TWG leadership announces election outcomes