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18 May 2017

Election for the vacant Western Pacific seat on the HSG Board

We wish to inform HSG members that, following the recommendation of the HSG Governance Committee, the Board has taken the decision to postpone the by-election for the currently vacant Western Pacific seat on the HSG Board until 2018. This will allow the Board and secretariat to organize the election at the same time as the election of other Board seats, scheduled for 2018. It will allow for a more streamlined process that is more efficient than running multiple elections every year. It will also ensure that there is sufficient time for any HSG members from the Western Pacific region (HSG follows the WHO classification) interested in standing for the vacant seat to get in touch with the HSG Board or secretariat to find out more about the roles and responsibilities of HSG Board members.

If HSG members have any questions about this decision and the Board election in 2018, please contact the HSG secretariat -

Image credit: Keith BacongcoCreative Commons license 2.0

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